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Yefeng Wang: 冷淡/Impersonal Frank Yefeng Wang

Well-Disciplined Kids

Impersonal played from Jan 3 - Feb 16, 2013 in the HERE gallery. 

About the show

Frank Yefeng Wang is interested in the neurotic effects of contemporary society. Rather than directly referring to the social system itself, Wang analyzes the way individuals shape their psychological realities in response to it. Wang reflects such individual symptoms in his recent works on view as part of Impersonal (冷淡).

Well-disciplined Kids (2012) is a six-channel 3D animation work. A group of expressionless babies playing with military weapons are placed in a blank space, amid images of animal-headed beauty and sex. This uncanny scene plays infinitely, suggesting that the young Chinese generation, of which the artist is a part, is imprisoned by the information and entertainment that is censored by the government. Unlike babies in a normal sense, no sign of hope is found in these “made in China” kids.

Wang’s new work, Recreated Mainstream Music Video (2012), reveals the format of pop music videos as an ideological device. The subjects of his appropriations are two iconic songs, Chinese singer Song Zu Ying’s "da di fei ge" and South Korean idol group Wonder Girls’ "Nobody.” Wang understands that these videos induce temporary excitement through its dramatized emotions and captivating performances. The artist cleverly parodies such fascination to call the viewer's attentions to the role of music videos as tools of mass-communication functioning in a hedonistic culture.

The key to Wang’s works are the faces of his digital figures who are deficient of proper emotions. Enclosed in the environments that supposedly provide them with pleasure, glamour, and security, they display strikingly dry looks. Wang raises a question of who these structures really serve by creating these figures after himself; he is aware that he is inevitably a part of the self-contradicting culture, yet he is hoping to offer alternatives by understanding the meaning of the paradox.


Artist: Frank Yefeng Wang
Curator: Hanna Yoo