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Is Anybody There ? Curated by Hanne Tierney

Is Anybody There? showed from Sep 4 - Oct 25 in the HEREart Gallery.

About the show

The work in this exhibition shares a sense of time suspended. Or, perhaps, of time simply not taking place. Matt Freedman's pieces-found photographs, sculptures and a video-all focus on lost figures- young women frozen in an ancient mystery and contemporary actors doomed to endless passage on an infinite journey. The interiors and furniture Bryce Speed draws and paints seem to be equally waiting: for someone to come and sit down, walk around or to just be there. In Steve Shaddick’s video installation the monotony of hanging a picture on a suburban garage wall mesmerizes, and at the same time wants us to interfere and move it along. 


Work by Matt Freedman, Steve Shaddick
& Bryce Speed