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Principles of Invisibility Curated by Elizabeth Kauffman

Work by John Mosher

Astromonid, John Mosher

Principles of Invisibility showed from Oct 30 - Dec 13, 2014 in the HEREart Gallery.

About the show

Principles of Invisibility is a two-person show that places art at the junctures between subjective experience and objective reality, between the metaphysical and the physical, and between fact and fiction. Through the lens of paranormal sightings and occult knowledge, Elizabeth Kauffman presents personal forms of cosmic knowledge to bring into question the “truth” of visual data and recorded experiences. Her choice of inconsistent visual forms suggests that the lens through which we view paranormal phenomena may contribute to the lack of clarity and confusion within the subject. Meanwhile, John Mosher has been sent cryptic messages and crude sketches from The Chromanauts–explores of time and quantum-chroma space–of their encounters in the "negative space". Out of sheer curiosity he attempts to decode these messages and create images out of them. Despite his best efforts, their messages are never clear. Once he stops moving they turn into visual static and fade away. He thinks they find this amusing. 


Featuring Works by Elizabeth Kauffman and John Mosher