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Aquarium of Equations #2 Guang Zhu


Video: creature MM and NU

Video: 5 You and...

An Aquarium of Equations exhibited in the HEREart Gallery from Apr 30 - Jun 20, 2015. 

About the show

I romanticize mathematical equations. To me, they seem to live through stories and places. Aquarium of Equations #2 is about synesthetic experiences through abstract motions of mathematics.

The installation consists of 9 woodblock prints originating from personally researched and designed mathematical parametric equations. This series of equations was processed through computational code to create unique mathematical visualizations. Those visualizations were then laser-cut onto wood block to make the mould. At the end, each mould is inked and pressed by hand onto handmade print-making paper.

The installation also consists of 5 video displays expressing the mathematical motion of crafted parametric equations.