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Processed Landscapes Marine Cornuet

Processed Landscapes exhibited in the HEREart Gallery from January 21 - March 5, 2016.

About the show

In this exhibition, three artists explore the complexity of our relationship to nature, walking the fine line between the wild and the tamed, the framed and the overflowing, the threatened and the overpowering.

Millee Tibbs plays with the symbolic power of American landscapes, constructing new reliefs on hand-manipulated photographs, building a fractured vision of these natural landmarks. Resa Blatman investigates the “Gaia Theory”, where nature interacts with non-organic structures to maintain life on earth. Her precise cutouts, superimposed on the gallery walls, create lively installations where a futuristic and somewhat threatening nature takes over the space. From the abstract dance of grains on a woodcut to the comically strange multiplication of golf cars on a manicured lawn, Keith Skretch’s videos oscillate between a micro and a macro analysis of man’s urge to control his environment.


Curated by Marine Cornuet

Artists: Millee Tibbs, Resa Blatman, Keith Skretch

Image Credit Keith Skretch
Video Still, Golftime