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Border Towns The Venus Riff Amazing Land Aunt Leaf Border Towns Don Cristobal Ego Hospital Sounding Water Sonnambula

Culturemart 2009 played from January 3-February 4, 2009 in both the Dorothy B. Williams Theatre and the Mainstage Theatre.

About the show

CULTUREMART 2009 is a laboratory where our resident artists blur the boundaries between dance, theatre, music, new media, puppetry and visual art, melding these forms to support their adventurous visions. CULTUREMART is a vital testing ground, an environment where you can sample art in progress, provide feedback and play a crucial role in the development of new work. With a limited number of performances, festival tickets sell fast. Check out CULTUREMART 2009 and let our images fill your imagination.

Alchemy of Light | Ruth Sergel & Peter von Salis
AmazingLand | Geoff Sobelle, Trey Lyford & Steve Cuiffo
Aunt Leaf - Jeffrey Mousseau and Barbara Wiechmann
Border Towns - Nick Brooke
Don Cristobal, Billy-Club Man - Erin Orr and Rima Fand
Ego - David Michael Friend
Let's Watch! - Kamala Sankaram
Lucid Possession - Toni Dove
Mosheh - Yoav Gal
Paris Syndrome - Suzi Takahashi and Bertie Ferdman
Removable Parts - Corey Dargel
Secret Rendezvous - The South Wing (free reading)
Sonnambula- Michael Bodel
Soul Leaves Her Body - Peter Flaherty & Jennie MaryTai Liu
Sounding - Jennifer Gibbs & Kristin Marting
The Venus Riff - Johari Mayfield
Water (Or The Secret Life of Objects) - Sheila Callaghan & Daniella Topol