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Puppet Parlor 2016

Joshua Holden Trailer - The Joshua Show

Puppet Parlor 2016 ran from March 11-12, 2016 in the Dorothy B. Williams Theatre.

About the show

Hosted by Joshua Holden, with Jeb Colwell on the Guitalele
Featuring Great Small Works & Robin Frohardt
On March 11 at 7pm & 10:30pm only, special guest Basil Twist

Man Killers of India a two-part shadow puppet series, based on the adventures of real life hunter Kenneth Anderson, returns from the vaults a decade after its inception for their New York debut! Puppets by Robin Frohardt, voices and music by Freddi Price, script by Kirk Lombard.

Great Small Works performs Three Graces, a cantastoria in which three mythical graces—Harmony, Strategy and Splendor—float down to earth for an op-art romp inspired by Grace Paley, Grace Kelly, Grace Jones and Grace Lee Boggs. Recently performed in honor of Grace Lee Boggs as part of the Banners and Cranks Festival at Detroit Institute of Art. 

A Dream Music Puppetry Program presentation. Funded in part by The Jim Henson Foundation.


Hosted by Joshua Holden
Guitalele Music by Jeb Colwell

Man Killers of India:

Puppets by Robin Frohardt 
Voices and Music by Freddi Price
Script by Kirk Lombard

Puppeteers: Robin FrohardtAndy ManjuckRowan Magee,  Nick Lehane  

Three Graces:

Performers: John Bell, Cassandra Burrows, Trudi Cohen, Stephen Kaplin, and Xavier
Text by Jenny Romaine and the company