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Unwritten Stories Cecile Chong, Maiko Kikuchi and Constance Slaughter

Unwritten Stories exhibited in the HEREart Gallery from January 19 - March 11, 2017.

About the show

The exhibition project of three artists (Chinese-Ecuadorian, Japanese, and French) brought together by their exploration of narrative through painting, video, and sculpture.

Cecile Chong has exhibited worldwide, including a recent solo show at BRIC (New York). Through a slow and careful process, she makes multi-layered wax paintings that juxtapose images and materials collected over the years - memories of her Chinese-Ecuadorian childhood and fairytales.
Maiko Kikuchi is a performance and visual artist from Japan, who has shown her work at La Mama and other theaters in New York. She offers riddles based on cultural differences and language. Her unique quirky, poetic style is illustrated in her animation videos presented at HERE. 
Constance Slaughter’s sculptures are made of wire and semi-transparent fabric. Her child-animal-toy figures, both funny and dark, explore our unresolved memories, dreams and fears.


Curator: Constance Slaughter
Artists: Cecile Chong, Maiko Kikuchi and Constance Slaughter

Image Credit:
Maiko Kikuchi, Entrance, paper collage; Cecile Chong, Matter of Fact, collage and encaustic (detail); Constance Slaughter, Walking Along, scrim, wire, glue.