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Girl Be Heard Presents: Blurred Lines

About the show

A cultural shift in the normalization of sexual violence.
How do we define consent? No means no. Yes means yes. Silence means…? Who decides? Who do you believe? Why are these questions dismissed, made light of and blurred in our culture, in our laws, and with each other? BLURRED LINES examines the meaning of consent, the normalization of rape culture and the broader issues around women’s equality, and draws attention to how girls navigate and survive in a world where 1 in 5 college women are raped.


Written and Performed by
Gabriela Carrera
Maria Diez
Allison Lee Flom
Ray Johnson
Jesse Krebs
Me’Khai Lewis
Jewel Phillips
Jai “Bush Tea” Raphael
Lise Wedemeyer

Director: Tiff Roma
Advising Director: Kim Sykes
Producer: Jessica Greer Morris
Dramaturg: Jen Thatcher
Choreographer: Ian Fields Stewart
Stage Manager: Cristin Gordon
Asst. Stage Manager: Chiara Johnson
Set Design: Rebecca Kleinman
Lighting & Multimedia Design: Jason Fok
Costume Design: Laura Wynne
Art Design: Mark Fina