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Tinder Christina Campanella and Stephanie Fleischmann

Tinder Tinder Tinder

TINDER by Latitude 14 at HERE


TINDER was created by Latitude 14 via the development of Red Fly/Blue Bottle through the HERE Artist Residency Program (HARP) and LMCC’s Swing Space Program. Tinder premiered at the EXIT Festival in Creteil, France in March 2009; Red Fly/Blue Bottle premiered at HERE in April 2009.

Tinder played from Jan 8-9, 2010 in the Mainstage Theatre.

About the show

An idiosyncratic song cycle about departure and return and the ephemeral nature of insects. To create Tinder, Latitude 14 recontextualized eight songs from Red Fly/Blue Bottle, their highly acclaimed multimedia event that bridged concert, cabinet of curiosities, and video installation. Veering between the miniature and larger than life, high-tech and low, absolute restraint and deep reserves of emotion, Tinder melds a street-busking sensibility with high art to deliver richly layered songs and spellbinding video.


Christina Campanella (music, sound, performer), Mallory Catlett (direction), Stephanie Fleischmann (words), Miranda k. Hardy (lights), Chris Lee (performer),
Peter Norrman (film, video), Matt Verta-Ray (sculptures), Jeremy Wilson (live sound)

Show Press

“...a mesmerizing fusion of performance art and multisensory installation.”
— The New York Press