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The Young Ladies of...

The Young Ladies of... played from September 26 to October 19, 2007. 

About the show

HERE is pleased to present the world premiere of The Young Ladies Of, written and performed by Taylor Mac.

Stationed in Vietnam in 1968, Lt. Robert Bowyer placed an advertisement asking women ages 19-26 to write him. He was flooded with letters from hundreds of young ladies responding to his ad. Juxtaposing images of Lt. Bowyer in Vietnam with Mac’s own unique gender-bending aesthetic, Mac uses the letters, original text and songs to bridge the gap between perceptions of masculinity and femininity, past and present, and red and blue states.

The Young Ladies Of... is registered at the New York Innovative Theatre Awards website. Click to vote!

Show Press

“Taylor Mac seduces you, breaks your heart, patches it back up again, and sews sequins along the scars.”
— The Irish Times
“All of [Mac's] plays are self-revealing, but The Young Ladies Of may well be his most personal... rarely has someone wearing so much make-up appeared so naked.”
— The Village Voice
“With his unique blend of bleak humor, personal revelation, political engagement, folk-inflected music, and astonishingly elaborate, gender-twisting, gorgeous grotesque costumes, Mac has emerged as an essential figure in the downtown performance scene.”
— Time Out New York