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Sleeping Beauty Colette Garrigan

Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty


Sleeping Beauty played from September 28 to October 2, 2010 in the Dorothy B. Williams Theatre.

About the show

At her birth they call her “Princess.” Her fate is sealed. Left to her own devices and brilliant imagination, this modern day Princess pays off her debts and takes her skeletons out of the cupboard once and for all. Now arriving in the U.S. after an international tour, this creative retelling of the Briar Rose tale fuses shadow puppetry, object theater, and passionate monologue into a hard-hitting story filled with dark humor. Created by Liverpool-born, French-transplant artist and puppeteer Colette Garrigan. Recommended for ages 13+

Part of the StartHERE program


Written, Directed and Performed by
Colette Garrigan

Outside ‘eyes’
Robin Frédéric and Pascaline Herveet

Original Music
Pascaline Herveet

Lighting Design
Laurent Filo