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Soundstage is a music and visual performance poem created by artist Rob Roth. Using the language of cinema the piece reflects and refracts a meditation on the muse(s) and the mystical waltz that occurs between the force of the goddess and the acolyte. The piece projects different realities blending and dissolving in an alchemic relationship from the surface to the subconscious. A space where the complexity of time, gender, physical reality and mysticism unravel and ultimately transform.

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Artist Bio

Rob Roth is a multidisciplinary artist and director based in New York City. He works in a variety of media including theater, film, sculpture and performance. Roth received his BFA from Pratt Institute and has exhibited different works at a variety of venues including the New Museum for Contemporary Art, Performance Space 122, Abrons Art Center, Galapagos Art Space, Museum of Arts and Design, Town Hall and Deitch Projects as well as the Whitney Museum of American Art. Roth has directed stage and film works for Narcissister: This Masquerade, (The Kitchen and Abrons Art Center), Deborah Harry/Blondie (music videos and stage visuals), created video works for Justin Bond (Kiki and Herb), Big Art Group, and Julie Tolentino. Roth's work draws from underground performance and culture, mythology and psychology and has its early fertilization in NYC nightlife as one of the founding members of the New York City nightlife spectacle ‘Click + Drag’ at the legendary nightclub MOTHER.  Roth continues to collaborate with Butoh choreographer Vangeline on Soundstage. 

Rob's recent work includes the ongoing performance piece 'Craig's Dream', The sound installation “Night Paving: The Aural History of Jackie 60 and Mother at Museum of Arts and Design, as well as Creative Director for The Mill on the Rihanna ANTIdiary project teaser. 

Artist Statement

In my work it is obvious that the strong female muse and guide is something I have naturally gravitated to. 
My work takes many forms, film, stage, visual art, sculpture, and usually a hybrid of of all, however I have attempted to used the forms not as embellishment but as extensions of character. Since my early years of experimenting with computers and video in the nightlife realm I have learned the best way to use these ever changing technologies is to imbed them in a poetic and lyrical way as to imbue what is presented and not overtake. I try with each new work to use what is available in a more innovative and unique way. I approach all with the same integrity and creative spirit, constantly trying to decipher the code of the human condition.

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