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Rocco, Chelsea, Adriana, Sean, Claudia, Gianna, Alex The Private Theatre in Association with TÉA Creative

About the show

ROCCO, CHELSEA, ADRIANA, SEAN, CLAUDIA, GIANNA, ALEX is a theatrical tapestry of intimate stories, inspired by Bernard Lonergan’s 'consciousness of conflict' philosophy. It follows seven characters and their inner dramas as they are each confronted with life-altering decisions. By following each dramatic turn of these characters’ consciousness, ROCCO, CHELSEA… asks us to confront our own deeply held convictions.

The audience engages with a shock-jock wrestling with his partner’s marital violence; a young woman engaging in an endless online courtship; an immigrant seeking naturalization as definitions of American-ness shift; a son facing accusations of 'burdening the family' with his HIV diagnosis; a woman grappling with an open adoption policy that provides closure to some and distresses others; a sister reliving—over and over—the loss of her brother to gun violence; a father fighting intrusive pornographic fantasies.

Inspired by Robert Altman’s Short Cuts and Robert LePage’s Lipsynch, this work interweaves an epic landscape of multiple narratives creating a powerful emotional experience. The theme of struggle and choice are married to an adventurous production in which the audience too must decide how to experience the show. ROCCO, CHELSEA, ADRIANA, SEAN, CLAUDIA, GIANNA, ALEX is a new theater event designed for the new America in which we find ourselves.


Presented by The Private Theatre, in association with TÉA Creative
Created by Vieve Radha Price and John Gould Rubin
Written by Dan Hasse 
Directed by John Gould Rubin
Producing Director Vieve Radha Price
Based on original writing by Bronwen Carson, Jason Gray, Karen Eilbacher, Chelsea Frei, Salomé Krell, Chuk Obasi, Adriana Rossetto, Sarah Wharton
Featuring: Adrian Baidoo*, Emily Jackson*, Michael Cuomo*, Chuk Obasi, Chuck Montgomery*, Melissa Mickens*, Adriana RossettoTalya Mar, and Kaelyn Amber Gonzalas

*Actors are appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association
This is a Equity approved showcase



Feb 23-Mar 9 

Tue-Sat @ 8:30pm
Sundays @ 4pm
Sat, Mar 9 @ 4pm & 8:30pm

Running time: 2.5 hours, with 15 minute intermission

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