SHOWS: Show Listing

Current HERE shows

  • Symphonie Fantastique

    March 29 — July 15 | tickets Starts at $35

    A one-of-a-kind under-water marvel combining the magic of puppetry with the powerful suggestions of music, dance and abstract art.

  • Chin Up Sad Masc Masks

    March 29 — May 26 | tickets FREE

    Everyday nonconsensual sadism and masochism turns boys into adolescents-for-life. These processes of indoctrination into toxic forms of masculinity, and their barely perceptible codes and aggressions, provide the point of departure for Chin Up Sad Masc Masks.

  • American Weather

    June 19 — June 30 | tickets $25-45

    With a bittersweet verve, American Weather is a visceral work of material performance inspired by daily life in America. Layering movement, puppetry, live music, found text, and animation, Chris Green and a multi-disciplinary ensemble create an absurdist meditation on losing your footing in the pursuit of happiness.

  • Out of the Box: HERE's 2018 Gala

    June 4

    Paving the way for unconventional theatre artists, puppeteers, musicians, and dancers is not for the faint of heart. We’re celebrating 25 years of thinking creatively, reimagining performance, and breaking all the rules. Join us for a decadent meal, a lively auction, and a riotous after-party a quarter-century in the making.

  • Ding Dong It's the Ocean

    May 17 — June 3 | tickets $18

    Ding Dong It’s the Ocean is a play about what people manage to find in each other when the world feels past saving.

  • Pop of Color

    May 31 — July 14 | tickets FREE

    Pop of Color highlights the power of color which at times pops, sizzles, dazzles and dominates. The artists involved in this exhibition are masters of manipulating and highlighting our relationship with color.

SubletSeries shows

  • The Diana Tapes

    May 24 —
    June 10

    The Diana Tapes presents the true story of one of the greatest media scandals in British history – the publication of Andrew Morton’s book about Diana, Princess of Wales, which ended her marriage and shook the monarchy to its core.

  • The Pattern at Pendarvis

    July 13 —
    August 5

    The Pattern at Pendarvis by Dean Gray, adapted and fictionalized from interviews conducted by Will Fellows as part of the research for his book A Passion to Preserve: Gay Men as Keepers of Culture.


    October 5 —
    October 20

    A new play adaptation of the forgotten 1954 Frank Sinatra film about a botched presidential assassination in California.

  • Medicine the Musical

    November 3 —
    November 18

    This dynamic rock musical follows a group of first year medical students as they grapple with their lives, loves, and the rigors of their education. Join the class!
    “Look to your left. Look to your right. One of you won’t be here to graduate”